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Hangzhou Huoman door industry limited company products from Germany, Japan, Taiwan fire doors and windows products advantages, combined with China conditions, strict implementation of the European production standards to meet the needs of our customers, the demand for high-end customers tailored. The company regularly to management personnel, senior professional and technical personnel, construction personnel for technical training. The company has the corresponding administrative department, the office of plane planning department, engineering department, quality inspection department, financial department, market service department, customer service department and other services, the industry is clear, the responsibility to the people, to ensure that each customer and the whole customer service without worry. In the fire doors and windows industry, the integration of advanced talents in many fields, the accumulation of extensive project resources, to create a professional, efficient service platform. Based on the value chain management mechanism, bring higher efficiency and lower the risk of investment income to join partners, so as to realize the performance and management of the leap. The "first-class products, first-class service" is the purpose of Huo Cayman, Hofmann in a professional, dedicated spirit, and constantly improve the fire doors, fire doors and windows open to the rich connotation, safer, more comfortable living culture. "Huo man" spirit: the most simple movement of two points should also be used to complete all the energy, even if repeated billions of times!


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