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Hard turbine fast door-a new metal industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance, and environmental protection. The opening speed can reach up to 2.5 meters per second. It is suitable for logistics channels that require frequent high speed. The door panel is made of 1.2-2.5mm thick double-layer aluminum plate. The middle is made of polyurethane foam or imported Owens Corning brand fireproof and thermal insulation glass wool. Each cubic volume weight is ≥30kg, and the total thickness of the door panel is 40-70mm. It has the characteristics of good heat insulation, light weight, high strength, impact resistance, etc., and the wind resistance level is ≤12. The door type is suitable for the fast passage of indoor and outdoor logistics and production. Adopting this door type can save enterprises a lot of energy loss due to air circulation, and save about 80% of energy compared with ordinary industrial sliding doors and roller shutter doors. The rapid opening and closing of the door type greatly improves the enterprise's production and logistics transshipment speed. The door is an indispensable channel for enterprise logistics and production. Its use and selection directly affect the efficiency of enterprise production and logistics. This product has the characteristics of high reliability, practicality, easy operation and quick repair. The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and accurate hard fast door system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body and ensure that there are more than 150,000 trouble-free operations every year.
Control system: The turbo hard fast door adopts a special control system, the core is a DSP processing chip, and the system accurately controls the opening height of the door body by receiving the SEW motor encoder signal:
① The system has the function of displaying fault codes through LED tubes;
② Steering protection: when the motor drive line is connected incorrectly, the controller will directly report an error and the door will stop;
③ Torque ring, position ring and speed ring of the special system are fully closed;
④ The system has its own braking function, the motor can be stopped at the specified position without external electromagnetic brake pads, and the door body stops at the limit position, it is not bad;
⑤ The memory function after power failure, after manual operation after power failure, the work can be reset directly after power on, no need to adjust again.
⑥ Motor overload and overcurrent protection.
Motor system: The motor drive system uses industrial door SEW motor system: rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor; imported brand encoder; British brand brake system; large inertia planetary reducer; emergency manual opening mechanism;
1. The constant torque output of the SEW motor motor makes the function of the safety protection device (such as infrared ray) play the best and rebound quickly;
2. Strong overload capacity, the switch can work more than a thousand times a day in some high frequency occasions.
3. The release mechanism can be released during a fault or power failure, and manually open the door to the desired position.
End buffer: Based on the constant torque characteristics of the SEW motor, the door body runs more smoothly and solves the problem of door noise during operation. The end buffer technology effectively protects the rigid damage of the reducer and the operating mechanism. The actual need to digitally adjust the different speeds, fast-slow-stop full length changes, reduce the wear of various components, especially the most prominent protection of the deceleration mechanism.
Lifting mechanism: The aluminum alloy turbine guide bearing track of the door ensures the high-speed operation of the curtain during the opening and closing process. The friction between the curtain and the track makes the noise effectively controlled. According to the on-site installation structure, it can be divided into: turbo suction type, elliptical suction type, heavy Straight lifting type, 90 degree standard turning lifting type or more track methods, the standard is turbo suction type, other lifting methods need to make an appointment with our sales staff in advance.
Door mechanism: The door curtain is a split assembly structure: a bridge-insulated aluminum alloy door panel, multi-layer sealing rubber strips, sound-absorbing load-bearing hinges, polyurethane guide wheels and other parts:
1. The standard thickness of aluminum alloy thermal insulation door panel is 40mm, the surface is anodized and organically colored, the wind resistance can reach 12 levels, and the middle is Owens Corning imported glass fiber wool fire insulation, according to the international color card standard color; optional Various colors such as aluminum alloy primary color, pearl white, Chinese red, etc.;
2. The door panels are sealed by soft connecting rubber strips, and the folding life of the soft connecting parts reaches more than one million times;
3. The design of the hinge load-bearing method makes the door curtain joints unstressed, and there is no contact between the door panels, and it can maintain flatness after a long time;
4. When the door is running, it slides in the aluminum alloy track through the guide wheel made of polyurethane, and it runs at high speed.
Security system: 1. Infrared safety protection electric eye: There are anti-radiation eyes on both sides of the door frame. When there is an obstacle under the fast door, the door body remains open; when an object passes through when the door body is lowered, the door body will open to the open position. When there is no obstacle below, it will be delayed again. You can use an external infrared device to control the rapid rebound of the door. The rebound speed can be easily set by modifying the parameters. The function definition of the infrared device can also be determined by modifying the parameters. For example, when it touches the infrared, whether it functions as a single rebound or a long-term immobilization of the door can be determined by modifying the parameters.
2. Bottom safety protection edge: when the door is descending, because the object is in the blind area of ​​infrared safety protection, when the door is pressed against the obstacle below, the door body speed rebounds at the most open door, effectively protecting the object or Pedestrians avoid accidents. Wind resistance
Wind resistance: 32 m/s (National wind resistance level 12)
Transparent window: high-quality polycarbonate board, double-layer structure design not only guarantees the thermal insulation effect inside and outside the door, but also maintains good transparency and
The lighting effect is clearly visible on the inside and outside, and the appearance shows the grade.
Sealing performance: guide rail seal, door panel middle seal, door body top seal, door body bottom seal, multiple seals to ensure air tightness and isolation effect inside and outside the door.
Insulation performance: for installed closed doors (4x 3m), insulation performance K≤0.6W/(㎡•K)
Quick repair: In case the door panel is damaged, there is no need to repair the entire door panel disassembly. The insulated aluminum alloy door slats fixed by suspension can be disassembled one by one, operated by one person, simple and time-saving.
Manual function: When power is cut off, the power supply is installed inside the electronic control to open the motor brake at any time, and the door can be lifted by means of the balancing system, which can effectively solve the problem that the door cannot be opened due to power outage or failure.
Balance system: balance springs are arranged inside the door posts on both sides to maintain a certain balance with the weight of the door panel, and at the same time reduce the load when the motor is running, the operation is smooth and free.
Overall exterior: The precision-formed turbine system, guide rail system, and protective cover made of laser-cut and CNC-bent galvanized steel sheet of Baosteel are not rusty for a long time. The exterior is beautiful, dustproof, and easy to clean.
Transmission system: The integrated transmission system makes the door body evenly stressed on both sides, and the overall operation is smooth.
Institutional improvement: Adopting the independently developed turbo-type aluminum alloy guide rail, which is in accordance with the guide rail system used for fast speed change. During operation, the door body is quickly sucked in to effectively prevent the generation of vibration and noise.
Control box: Thickened IP54 control box, in line with national electrical safety standards.
Door panel traction: Adopt high-quality wear-resistant high-strength roller chain structure, the door body is driven into the turbine mechanism that can be quickly shifted by the synchronous chain.
Power requirements: 380V/ 14A/50Hz/.
Insulation protection: Ip54 is waterproof and dustproof even when used in harsh environments.
Switch mode: standard one-key button with emergency stop switch; manual start mode after power off.
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