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Hangzhou Xuanyuan Door Industry Co., Ltd.

Tel.: 17816050166

Fax: 0571-63158855



Address: Village Committee of Hongchi Village, Dayuan Town, Fuyang District, Hangzhou

Company Profile

Hangzhou Xuanyuan Door Industry Co., Ltd., with its products in line with China's national conditions, strictly implements European production standards to meet the needs of our customers and tailor-made for the needs of high-end customers.

The company's main products are fire doors and windows, fire doors, steel fire doors, steel fire and sound insulation doors, steel fire insulation doors, lift doors, fast doors, medical doors, and metal wall panels.

The company regularly conducts corresponding technical training for management personnel, senior professional technicians and construction personnel. The company has administrative department, office, plane planning department, engineering department, quality inspection department, market service department, financial department, after-sales service department, etc. The division of labor for each part is clear, and the responsibility is specific to each person, so as to ensure that every customer has no worries in the whole process and after-sales service.

In the fire door and window industry, we have integrated senior talents in many fields, accumulated a wide range of project resources, and devoted ourselves to creating a professional and fast service platform. Use the value chain management mechanism to bring higher efficiency and lower risk investment returns to the franchise partners, so as to achieve a leap in performance and management.

"First class products and first class services" is the purpose of the company. With the spirit of professionalism and dedication, the company constantly improves the functions of fire doors and windows, enriches the connotation of fire doors and windows, and is committed to opening a new culture of safer and more comfortable living.

"Company" spirit: The simplest two sports should be completed with full energy, even if repeated hundreds of millions of times consistently!