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Three basic standards for selecting explosion-proof doors

2022-01-07 02:56:27

Xuanyuan Explosion proof Door is a fire protection and explosion-proof protection device, which is designed to resist accidental explosion of external equipment of industrial buildings, ensure the life safety of personnel and the integrity of internal equipment of industrial buildings, be free from the hazards of explosion shock waves, and effectively prevent the continuation of explosion hazards. As the equipment to ensure the safety of life and property, special attention should be paid when purchasing. According to the experience standards of major explosion-proof door manufacturers, there are mainly three basic standards for explosion-proof doors. Next, let's take a look at the three basic standards for explosion protection.

1. When purchasing Xuanyuan explosion-proof door, pay attention to check the qualification of relevant explosion-proof door manufacturers and issue corresponding explosion-proof test reports. All formal explosion-proof door manufacturers purchase professional products.

2. When purchasing explosion-proof doors, pay attention to check whether their structures are reasonable and whether their surfaces are flat and smooth. The reasonable design result is the basic condition for the explosion door to play its due role. Whether the explosion-proof door has strong protection and protective effect can also be seen from the structural design. The structure design is unreasonable, and the quality of explosion door is not very good.

3. When purchasing explosion-proof doors, check whether the materials meet the requirements. According to the industrial standards for explosion doors, explosion doors have certain quality requirements for materials, especially the materials for explosion doors must be explosion-proof materials. At the same time, the better the materials are, the better the quality of explosion doors will be.