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Do you know the function of the safety explosion door?

2022-01-07 02:53:57

The design concept of explosion-proof door: to resist the accidental or easy explosion in industrial, chemical, military enterprises, military and other building devices, ensure the life safety of personnel, and ensure that the equipment inside the building is in good condition without being damaged by the explosion shock wave.

Design capacity of explosion-proof door: explosion-proof door system with excellent explosion-proof performance, with anti explosion performance up to 0.152 MPa; (152 KPa), a number of internationally recognized certification tests; The system is designed to operate flexibly and reliably with good fire protection performance.

Application: It is generally used in industrial buildings, such as petrochemical, electric power, petrochemical, military, military and other main plants and various rooms in auxiliary plants, such as shelters, substations, control rooms or channels. All kinds of doors for special purposes are set for the safety needs of preventing explosion source hazards.

Performance characteristics: the explosion-proof door is light, half of the weight of the traditional explosion-proof door. Easy to open and close, able to meet the project load requirements.

Safety facilities: with relevant accessories. When the explosion-proof door is normally used under non explosive conditions, it can be automatically closed after passing.

Function of explosion-proof door:

1. During explosion, the incident pressure and reflection force of explosion shall be set according to the notice. The explosion-proof door can resist the blasting pressure within the range to achieve necessary protection and prevent casualties and property losses.

2. After the explosion, the explosion door can still be used normally without reaching the preset explosive force.

3. After the explosion, the explosion force reaches the preset value, which may cause deformation, but the door components can still be used to prevent people from being intercepted and blocked.

4. The necessary closed isolation function prevents the isolated space from direct convection with the outside air, and reduces the external pollution of the isolated and protected space.

5. Explosion proof door is a safety facility with self closing function and emergency escape function.