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How to ensure the quality of explosion doors?

2022-01-07 09:48:21

Explosion proof doors have moisture-proof and water-proof functions. Explosion proof doors with sealing porosity of more than 90% are hydrophobic materials, which will not leak due to increased heat transfer capacity due to moisture absorption. PU is a combustible and self extinguishing material with flame retardant added, its softening point can reach more than 250 ℃, and it decomposes at high temperature; In addition, polyurethane forms carbonaceous deposits on its surface, which helps to separate foam and effectively prevent flame spread.

In addition, polyurethane does not produce any harmful gas under high temperature. The thermal conductivity of chemical explosion doors is low, and they have good thermal performance. When the density of explosion doors is 35-40 kg/m/m/m, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018-0.024 w/(m. k), which is about half of EPS. This is one of the low thermal conductivity of all insulating materials at present, and the explosion doors and keels we use are self-sufficient.

When installing explosion doors, the manufacturer needs to conduct secondary design after selecting the manufacturer. We have our own construction team for explosion-proof doors and windows. From receiving drawings to product blanking, we do every detail carefully. The plates used for explosion doors can withstand fire for more than 4 hours at a high temperature of 1000 ℃, and the incombustibility reaches the standard. The new explosion-proof door overcomes the problems of unreliable sealing and weather influence of the old explosion-proof door, and meets the design requirements of the explosion-proof door.

Xuanyuan fireproof door and explosion-proof door are designed according to acoustic principle and relevant standards. It not only meets the fire resistance requirements of explosion-proof doors in public places, but also meets the sound insulation requirements in daily use. The door body is a double-layer galvanized steel sheet composite structure (or stainless steel), filled with porous fireproof and sound absorbing materials, and the thickness of the door body is 60-80 mm.

The explosion-proof door can withstand the pressure within this range to achieve necessary protection and prevent casualties and property losses. After the accident, the explosion-proof door can still be used normally without reaching the preset force. When this happens, the force will reach the preset value and deform, but the door assembly can still be used to avoid people being intercepted or blocked. It has the necessary closed isolation function to prevent direct convection between the isolated space and the external air. In order to reduce the pollution of external partition and protected space, explosion-proof door is a facility with self closing and emergency escape functions. What aspects of explosion doors should we pay attention to?

The material and thickness of Xuanyuan Gate formwork shall not be changed at will, and the design standards must be strictly implemented. Except for the aluminum plate under the slot, the explosion-proof door of the explosion-proof door manufacturer shall not use a single bite interface for the entire compartment, and the interface position must meet the design requirements. The outside of the screw hole around the explosion-proof door shall be opened to reduce the opening resistance of the explosion-proof door when the explosion-proof window is used.