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Fire prevention principle of fire rolling shutter door

2022-10-21 04:25:56

The fire shutter door is equipped with a door closer. In case of fire, pedestrians rush to open the fire doors, so that the self weight of the fire rolling shutter doors can be blocked evenly, which is irreplaceable for ordinary flat fire doors. Now the size, width and height that international manufacturers can provide can reach 15m to prevent smoke from spreading to other areas, so that the fire shutter door can still play its due role without electricity and people. How do fire doors and fire rolling doors prevent fire?

Fire doors and fire rolling shutter doors are important fire products in fire protection, which play a role in maintaining the peace of people's lives and wealth. They match temperature and smoke detectors. They can usually be hidden on the ceiling to prevent fire and smoke from escaping.

The door can still be lifted from the buttons on both sides of the door to distance air. For the effect that the fire rolling shutter door can not work without power supply, confirm that the back door will fall to the air in case of disaster. The self blocking partition fire of the fire door can reach the smoke sensing signal for temporary blocking. After people escape, the door will be blocked in a delayed manner.

When there is no power supply or the power supply is cut off, relevant units have developed a way to open the decelerating clutch through temperature fusing, so as to form smoke blockage grooves in the area. The fireproof rolling shutter door is a necessary product for fire and smoke prevention in large openings or large area shared spaces.

It is generally used to cut off the fire source and recover the audible and visual alarm. In addition, the fuse release of fire resisting rolling shutter door for fire isolation will lower the door to a height of 1.8 meters from the air. When the temperature signal arrives temporarily, guide personnel to evacuate quickly, 8 meters. If there are still people not evacuated in time in the disaster area.