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fire-proof door

fire-proof door

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GFM type steel fireproof door is a new generation of fireproof door product designed and produced in accordance with the GB12955 national technical standard for fireproof doors. The door leaf is filled with a new generation of fireproof material perlite fireproof door core material.

The surface of the door is generally made of high-voltage electrostatic spraying (the color is selected by the user). Fire resistance limit (integrity and thermal insulation) of steel fire door: 1.5h for Class A, 1.0h for Class B and 0.6h for Class C.

Scope of application:

Fire door products are usually used in industrial and civil buildings, which can prevent fire and smoke spread in case of fire and play an important role in reducing fire losses.

Product application location:

The main locations are: stairway entrances, escape routes, elevator exits, tube well rooms, power distribution rooms, offices, storage rooms, and firewalls.

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