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Fireproof rolling shutter door

Fireproof rolling shutter door

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Fireproof rolling shutter door

The fireproof rolling shutter refers to the rolling shutter which is made of steel materials as shutter, guide rail, base plate, lintel, box, etc., and is equipped with a rolling door machine and a control box and can meet the requirements of fire integrity. The steel fireproof rolling shutter door has excellent fireproof performance, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. The roller shutter has small volume, small space occupation and light weight, which can reduce the bearing load of the building. Flexible opening and closing, low noise, good decorative effect can be achieved on the curtain.

The national calculation standard for fireproof rolling shutter door is a kind of umbrella and fire protection component used in the places where a large number of development objects are placed. The product plays a role in the development of building design and placement. The effect has been achieved through the effect. The umbrella rolling shutter door is generally used in the umbrella reduction area of industry and division development. It can organize the standard fire transfer and the accidental safety of wiring life. It is an indispensable umbrella component in traditional development.

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