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Attention requirements for installation of explosion-proof door

2022-01-07 09:46:06

1. Installation position of explosion-proof door: the explosion-proof door shall be arranged on the same axis with the ventilation shaft, facing the air flow direction of the outlet shaft; The distance between the intersection of the air shaft and the wind tunnel and the coal gate shall be at least 10 meters shorter than the air outlet of the main fan.

2. Explosion proof door section: not less than the area of air outlet section.

3. Explosion proof door structure: tight structure, with sufficient strength and anti-corrosion and anti throwing facilities.

4. Explosion proof door closing: the explosion proof door must be closed at any time and tight without air leakage. Install counterweights or take other measures to make the explosion proof door easy to open. Locking is strictly prohibited.

5. Requirements for explosion door outlet: the explosion door outlet shall not face other buildings.

6. The processing and installation of Xuanyuan explosion-proof door shall meet the following requirements:

1) The door frame structure shall be semi-circular arch or rectangular integral type according to the roadway shape, and the material shall be 11 # mining I-beam; One I-beam is welded in the center of the door frame, and each I-beam has the same model. The connection between them is welded. The processing technology is simple, and the flatness of the connection between the door frame and the door panel is easy to ensure.

2) The door panel is also semi arch or rectangular, one on the left and one on the right. Material is 75 × seventy-five × 8mm angle steel and 3mm thick steel plate are welded to each other to form a door panel. The vertical and horizontal steel plates are designed to make the door plates have sufficient compressive deformation capacity; Similarly, due to the simple and convenient structure, the plane of the door panel surface is also easy to ensure.

3) Sealing method: 10% is used between the door panel and the door frame × forty-five × 1660mm or 10 × forty-five × 3255mm rubber strip seal with 5 × thirty × 1620mm or 5 × thirty × 3220mm and bolts shall be used to fix the rubber strip on the door panel; A sealing rubber strip shall be installed on the front of the left and right door panels along the outer edge. Both ends of the rubber strip shall be processed into 450 and bonded with neoprene adhesive (813) to make the sealing material form a zigzag seal ring on the left and right door panels; When the explosion-proof door is closed, the negative pressure door plate of the mine is close to the door frame to form a seal to prevent air leakage.

4) Sufficient clearance adjustment is considered for the clearance between the door panel rotating shaft and the support. When the sealing rubber strip is worn and the height becomes smaller, the sealing rubber strip can still cling to the door frame under the negative pressure, and the sealing performance of the explosion door of Xuanyuan Door will not be affected.